Saturday, September 16, 2017

Brain Knowledge

Human Brain Anatomy

People is control from their Brain, all activity and how they are behave is order by they Brain. So the healthy of their brain must be keep health. Some drug can damage brain nerve, so why people can behave very bad and dangerous for others. Brain control all part of our body using nerve network they have. Look on the picture below, all part is control other body organ.

Human Brain

Brain is located in the central Nervous System of animals, the brain is segregated group of nerve cells, or neurons, within the cranium, or skull, in vertebrates and within the head segment in lower forms of animals. The brain varies in size and complexity from rudimentary ganglia (groups of nerve-cell bodies) in the central nervous systems of primitive worms to the large and complex human brain.

The average human brain at birth weighs 390 g (14 oz); its average maximum weight, reached at age 15, is 1,315 g (46 oz). The total number of neurons in the human brain is approximately 10 billion. In contrast, a whale brain may weigh more than 5 kg (11 lb); a grass hopper brain contains no more than a few thousand neurons. It has been theorized that behavioral capacity, a board term indicating intelligence, is related not to brain size but to the index of cephalization- the amount of brain tissue in excess of the required for transmitting impulses to and from the brain. Studies show that a progressive evolutionary encephalization relative to body size occurs in vertebrates and culminates in humans. Equally important has been the evolutionary development of the human fore brain, which contains centers necessary for understanding and producing language, for conceptualization and abstraction, for judgment, and for capacity of human to contemplate and influence their lives.